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180 Degrees Consulting Texas A&M has partnered with PwC to host a case competition in the upcoming fall semester! 180DC's Fall Case Competition is a great opportunity for students to sharpen their critical thinking skills. Each team will be presented with a case and be given 2 weeks to solve it. All teams will present to a panel of judges consisting of full-time consultants at PwC. Each team can consist of up to 5 members, and students can either sign up as a team or sign up individually and be placed into a random team. The winning team will receive a prize of $500!

The deadline to sign up is October 1st!



Sign-Ups Open - 9/5

Apply at the link below

Teams Finalized - 10/03

Individuals should receive their teams on this day

Work on Case - 10/6-10/20

Teams will be working on the provided case at this time

Sign-Ups Due - 10/01

Apply at the link above

Case Competition Kickoff - 10/5

Zoom Link to be provided later on.

Final Presentation - 10/21

Where: McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship


Who can participate in the Case Competition?

All Texas A&M students are welcome to participate in the case competition, no matter what major.

I want to participate but I don't have a team. Can I still sign up?

You can register as an individual and we will pair you with up to four other individuals that you will compete with!

Is there a fee to participate?

No! The competition is free to participants.

What is the minimum number of people needed to register as a team?

To register as a team, the team must consist of at least three members and no more than five members.

Do I need to have any experience to participate?

No experience is needed. If you have never done a case before, we suggest you familiarize yourself with online resources and practice one to feel more prepared for the case you will receive in the competition.

What if a group of larger than 5 wants to participate as a team?

If a group of more than five people wants to participate as a team, they will have to split up into multiple teams to participate.

If you have any other questions regarding the Case Competition, please direct them to!

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