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180 Degrees Consulting

Texas A&M University

180 Degrees Consulting at Texas A&M is a student consultancy that serves to provide high impact consulting services to non-profit organizations while also being a premier professional organization that develops exceptional talent and equips student consultants with the tools needed to make an impact wherever they go.

Our Amazing Sponsors
Sendero Consulting

Title Sponsor of Pitch Competition


Title Sponsor of Case Competition

Our sponsors help our consultants reach their full potential and provide our branch the ability to impact local nonprofits through events such as Pitch Competition. We would love to partner your company and provide you with a pipeline to our consultants!

What Our Clients Say
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"We had a very good experience with 180 Degrees Consulting. They came in and took ownership of the program, understanding our mission, and became a part of our staff. This helped them come to the recommendations and conclusions they did." 

- The Salvation Army

"I have loved all of my interactions with the 180 groups. I have watched as the process and people have developed and grown and I am proud to continue to be a partner." 

- Health 4 All

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I am extremely thrilled to welcome you to 180 Degrees Consulting at Texas A&M University. Whether you are a prospective consultant, partner, or client, I would first like to say welcome and thank you for your interest in our branch. 


I am energized by the mission of 180 Degrees Consulting where we provide pro bono consulting services to non-profits and have found the intersection of all my passions through this organization.  I began my journey with this organization in the fall of 2020 as a consultant, where I learned how to analyze the current situation of an organization and provide recommendations that would propel their organizational purpose forward. For the 21-22 school year, I served as the Executive of Internal Affairs where I managed our member recruitment, increased our organization membership by 150%, and executed our internal meetings. As I enter this role as President, I plan to take all the lessons I have learned to make a sustainable and impactful change for our clients, sponsorship partners, and consultants. 


Non-profit organizations are those with the most passion, but many times those with the least resources to achieve these incredible goals. No matter how you choose to be a part of the journey here at 180 Degrees Consulting, whether it is directly impacting the deliverables as a consultant, financially assisting our branch to maximize the resources we provide to develop our clients and members, or providing us with the opportunity to serve your nonprofit, I want to thank you in advance for being a part of the impact we strive to make at 180 Degrees Consulting at Texas A&M University. 


Jessie Hainley, President

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