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Want to be a part of TAMU's top consulting organization and simultaneously give back to your local community? Check out the information below to learn about our recruiting process. We are excited to welcome a new class of consultants who are driven and passionate about the impact 180 Degrees Consulting has on both its clients & consultants!


We are recruiting a few more consultants for this upcoming Spring.  Recruitment will take place towards the end of the Fall semester.

Mark the following dates on your calendar! 

Applications Open - 11/9

Apply at the link below

180DC Meet & Greet - 11/16

Blaze Pizza | 6:00 - 8:00PM

Applications Deadline - 11/23

Candidates will receive interview decisions by 11/28

Interview Decisions - 12/5

Interview applicants should hear back by the end of the day on 12/5.

Interview Rounds Day - 12/3

**Interview Applicants Only

Wehner | 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Refer below for more information

Informational #2: 11/21

Zoom | 5:00 - 5:45 PM (link below)

Informational #1: 11/15

Wehner 181 | 5:30 - 6:30 PM

First General Meeting - 12/6

TBD | 7:30 - 9:30 PM


Applications open November 9th, 2022 at 8 AM

Applications close November 23rd, 2022, at 11:59 PM!

*It is required to attend at least 1 informational in order to apply*

Informational #2: 11/21

Zoom from 5:00 - 5:45 PM


Application / Interview Process 

  • Written Application​​​​

    • Please answer all of the questions to the best of your ability. We look forward to reading your application.  YOU MUST ATTEND AN INFORMATIONAL BEFORE SUBMITTING.

  • 180 Degrees Consulting Interview Rounds

    • In order to expedite the fall recruitment process, we have decided to conduct interviews only on April 30th.  Candidates who move on to this round will participate in BOTH an individual behavioral interview and group case interview during this event.  Please ensure that you are able to attend the entirety of the interview rounds.

Important Information

In previous semesters the Texas A&M 180 Degrees Consulting branch membership has been on a semester-basis.  Starting in the Fall of 2021, membership will be per academic school year.  All admitted consultants are expected to maintain membership for at least one academic school year.  The 180 Executive Team looks forward to this new change and the opportunity to create a more profound impact in our community!​


It is required to attend at least one informational before submitting your application.  We are offering both a virtual and in-person informational; it is only mandatory to participate in one.


As COVID changes the landscape for on-campus organizations, we are also adapting to the current environment and following TAMU guidelines.  We are transitioning to a face-to-face format for our consultants that includes an in-person application process, interviews, meetings, social events, and workshops. In addition, we are offering a hybrid option for our clients depending on the location and feasibility of in-person deliverables.  


Social Impact

Our work involves helping our clients reach their full potential and overcome the issues they are facing, allowing them to directly affect their customers or program recipients. Very few other opportunities in college allow students to make such a tangible impact on real organizations.

Real Consulting Experience

180 Degrees is different. We provide the opportunity to take part in experiences that employers value. You will be working on real projects with actual client issues and be exercising leadership in the process!

Lasting Friendships

Joining 180 Degrees Consulting allows our members to connect with a smaller community of like-minded, socially-conscious, and professional individuals to develop friendships that extend outside of organization events.

Professional Training

180 Degrees Consulting has worked with leading top-tier consulting firms to develop our own tailored consulting methodology and consulting training program. You will receive professional consulting training from 180 Degrees, often in conjunction with representatives from top professional services firms.

Networking & Alumni

Being a member of 180 Degrees Consulting enables one to join an international network of intelligent and motivated students dedicated to making a social impact. Likewise, membership gives our members access to alumni from a variety of competitive fields. These alumni often mentor members or provide information and referrals about their industries and roles.


How are 180 Degrees Consulting different from other consulting groups?

Our clients are some of the most well-known non-profits and social enterprises that create meaningful social impact in local communities every day. We have the unique privilege of delivering impact-driven solutions for our client's most difficult challenges. We prepare our consultants to create high-quality results by exposing them to past client projects, an extensive one-day training retreat, professional workshops, bi-weekly meeting training, and expert speaker sessions from industry professionals in the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

Who is eligible to apply?

We encourage Texas A&M students of all majors and undergraduate degree levels to apply. Many of the current 180 Degrees consultants are from diverse backgrounds including business and non-business majors.  In the past our organization has accepted graduate students, however, our policy has changed and we are now only accepting undergraduate students.

How many people do you accept?

We are typically a very selective organization looking to recruit top university talent. In the past, we have consistently served 5 clients per semester with about 4-6 consultants assigned to each project team. While our recruiting needs often depend on the number of returning consultants, rest assured that we are always looking to expand the number of clients we serve and the students we accept if we believe enough highly-qualified individuals are applying.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

There is no minimum GPA required to apply; however, GPA is one of the many factors that the recruitment committee takes into account when reviewing applications.

If I have previously applied for 180 Degrees Consulting, am I still allowed to apply?

Yes. We recognize that the application process is competitive and that your circumstances may change over time. Re-applying is an indicator of continued interest which will be judged as a positive factor rather than a negative aspect of your application profile.

Do I need any previous consulting experience?

No prior consulting experience is required. We want hardworking individuals who have a balance of qualitative and quantitative skills. Individuals who are passionate about social impact and ready to dedicate time to consulting are a perfect fit for 180 Degrees Consulting, even if they are not sure about pursuing a career in consulting yet.

Are there other positions besides consultant roles that 180 Degrees consulting is recruiting for?

We generally do not recruit externally for executive team positions, as we believe experience within the branch is crucial for succeeding in these roles.

How do I make my application stand out?

We look at a candidate's personal statement of motivation as a distinguishing factor between a good candidate and a great candidate. A personal statement that describes a candidate's passions and desires enables us to see what interests each candidate in social impact and/or consulting. By providing more information regarding their personal statements, candidates are able to paint a picture of themselves that goes beyond their résumé. Keep in mind that authenticity is essential and there is no right answer we're looking for. We simply believe that individuals who are extremely committed to their personal statements will remain motivated and excited to work for 180 Degrees clients even when their schedules become constrained.

I am unable to attend any of the information sessions. Will this negatively impact my application?

Yes. We require applicants to attend one of the information sessions to learn more about the organization and network with some of our members to determine if 180 Degrees Consulting is a good fit for you.

What does the interview process look like?

First, you'll need to apply; after we review your application materials, you will be invited to our 180 Degrees Consulting Interview Round Day. On this day you will participate in TWO interviews.  The first is an individual interview conducted by two of our executive members where you will be asked a few behavioral questions. In the behavioral part of the interview, we evaluate candidates' past teamwork and leadership roles, their interest in and knowledge of the organization and its mission, and their client-ready professional communication skills.  The second interview is a group case interview. During the group case interview, we evaluate candidates' analytical, problem-solving skills, and ability to work in a team environment. After the 180 Degrees Consulting Interview Round Day, we will notify applicants who were selected and not selected to join the organization.


What if I've never practiced a case interview before?

If you have never practiced a case interview before, we suggest you familiarize yourself with online resources and practice one to feel more prepared once you're in the interview. Understand that we don't expect candidates to master the case interview as much as we'd like to see a professional and logical approach to structuring the case problem. Simply relax and be calm as you explain your thought process for how you would analyze the case problem and provide a solution.  We also highly suggest that applicants attend the case workshop with PwC to learn more about case interviews before they are interviewed.

What is the weekly time commitment associated with being a consultant for 180 Degrees Consulting?

Consultants average about 3 hours of work per week. This includes organization-wide meetings, project group meetings, and client presentations or interviews. There may be some variation of time-commitment needed from consultants depending on the stage of a project and any approaching deadlines; however, we are considerate about our consultants' academic commitments and strive to work around them. Our consultants have typically found that it's manageable to accommodate this commitment alongside other academic and extra-curricular involvement. 

Are consultants paid for their work?

Our clients always have a non-profit or social character. In order to do justice to our mission to create a social impact, we provide our services on a voluntary basis. Although we are not paid on a monetary basis, we benefit from a strong network, professional training, a fun social atmosphere, and direct project experience. 

I wasn't accepted. What can I do to be more prepared for the next recruiting cycle?

Feel free to reach out with questions seeking helpful advice. As an executive team, we want you to succeed and are willing to show you how.

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