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Our Methods

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Consulting Framework

Our 180 Degrees Consulting branch utilizes the 7 Step Methodology to address our client's challenges. This structured approach starts with identifying problems, conducting analyses, and finalizing thorough solutions. Our consultants learn how to implement the 7 step methodology and other relevant consulting frameworks to provide practical solutions to clients.

Working Together


Our Solutions

Utilizing our 7 Step Methodology, our consultants work on a semester-long project with a local non-profit. Our consultants are organized into teams where they have the opportunity to enhance their problem-solving skills as they solve social issues. Through these projects, consultants can both learn practical consulting skills and create social impact.

We provide viable solutions for branding and social media management, diversifying funding, donor retention plans, data tracking systems and more!


The Change

Our clients are working hard day to day to create social impact, and with the help of 180 Degrees consultants, they can accomplish more with the resources they have available. Consultants also undergo personal change as they gain valuable professional experience and training, as well as growing confidence in their ability to create social impact for the rest of their lives.

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