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Interested in working with 180 Degrees Consulting? 

We want to help your non-profit succeed

180 Degrees Consulting is an international university-based consultancy that works specifically with nonprofits to help them achieve a greater social impact through affordable and high-quality semester-long projects. We currently operate across Europe, Canada, and the US. Locally, the Texas A&M branch has partnered with numerous local nonprofits in the past 5 years. Each semester, we recruit top students at Texas A&M University to work alongside these nonprofits and develop impactful solutions.


Before beginning the application, we request that you understand our selection criteria for potential clients. When reviewing applicants we look for these key factors:​


Valuable and thorough insight into your organizational issues and challenges.


The project's potential scope and the ability of our consultants to develop targeted solutions that generate a greater social impact.


The client's expected communication avenues and overall availability during the semester. This is important to coordinating and creating project timelines.

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